Online Classes

I, Tejas Mallela, teach both Vocal and Violin lessons on Skype. Lessons can be taken by interested students of any age. Prospective students or parents can reach me through the contact page.

Some of the goals of the learning process are the following:

  1. A good musical foundation, i.e. developing a good sense of Shruti (tunefulness) and Laya (musical timeliness)
  2. Developing a good technique.
  3. Making the student self-reliant in practice and learning.
  4. Forming a good work ethic which can help one through their life.
  5. Developing Swara Gyana (ability to de-construct notes through hearing).
  6. Forming a good theoretical basis, which will aid the practical learning aspect,
  7. Trying to enjoy the music at an aesthetic level.

Frequently asked questions:

(This section will be more comprehensive in due course)

  • At what times will the class be taught?
    • Class timings will be chosen in such a way that they are mutually convenient to the student and teacher.
  • What is the teacher’s expectations from students?
    • Regularity, practice and ability, in that order. Talent is important, no doubt. But it is easily displaced one way or the other by regularity and practice.
  • What are the technical requirements for class?
    • A fast enough internet connection is the obvious requirement. Beyond that, a proper webcam, decent headphones and a USB microphone aid the proper transmission of audio and video, which certainly will improve the quality of class. I myself teach using a good dynamic microphone and an audio interface, so audio is very clear for students.