What is Sunadam?

Sunadam is an online music project that has been conceived, directed and produced by me (Tejas Mallela). With the help of video (on YouTube) and text/notes (on the website) I hope to explore some basic concepts in South Indian classical (Carnatic) music, hopefully in a way that is understandable to viewers at any level of understanding. My hope is that this effort serves as a springboard for viewers/readers to explore the art form with more breadth and depth. However, for the average student I’d like to make it clear that no amount of self education will fully replace the role of a competent and conscientious teacher.


Why Sunadam?

I’ve long felt that Carnatic Music in its institutional form is rather esoteric. So for those outside of the system, it seems like a daunting and alien form of art. So this project is my personal attempt at making Carnatic music more approachable to any person. Particularly, I’d like viewers to explore the basic jargon of this musical form with more clarity. And for some others, perhaps this material could supplement their current learning material.


How Sunadam?

For most parts, I hope to make the the video and the accompanying text as easy to understand as possible. I would hope that the viewers practice the concepts themselves, and if possible you could supplement that with further reading from other sources. For clarifications, you could use the comment section in the specific video, or contact me using the contact form (or) email.